About us

What’s Sneg?

During the winter season, we all head to the mountains to spend as much time as possible in the snow. The point of spending the vacation in the mountains during winter should be all about spending as much time on the slope as You possibly can. And, that’s it. Other accompanying activities, such as scheduling snow sports lessons, can only take away the time we could (and should) spend on the slope.

We are passionate skiers and we firmly believe that scheduling snow sports lessons should not be an activity that will take away the time we would spend on the slope.

That is why we have created Sneg as a simple Application with which You can schedule individual and group snow sports lessons for You and Your family, or even all-day snow sports activity for Your children, with just a couple of clicks.

Sneg is a unique, innovative Application for scheduling snow sports lessons in our most popular ski resorts, with a large selection of ski schools and ski instructors. In just a few clicks, You can schedule training lessons while You are on the slope or months in advance, whatever suits You best.

How does Sneg work?

Due To schedule snow sport lessons at a SKI school or with Your favorite ski instructor, You will only need a mobile phone, internet access and a couple of minutes of Your time.

Download Sneg Application from the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple Store for iOS.

You can register Your account or continue as a guest. You will need to enter some information about You (sport, age, type of lessons and term for the lessons) and choose a SKI school or Your instructor. Once Your request has been sent, You will be contacted by a representative from the SKI school or Your instructor in the shortest time possible, in order to confirm the reservation.

Quick, easy and simple scheduling of snow sport lessons without the complicated search for a SKI school or instructor.

Who is Sneg for?

Sneg is designed for anyone who wants to easily, quickly and reliably schedule snow sports lessons at a SKI school or with an instructor of Your choice.

Additionally, Sneg is also intended for all SKI schools and ski instructors that want to enable their students to schedule and keep track of their lessons with ease.


For all additional information please write to us on contact form.